I invite you to explore my journey from the early 1970s onwards and find out how my quest to create a more socially just society is turning out. It has often been quite organic, but always with passion and a deeply-held conviction that those with less power can themselves create transformational change and take their rightful seat at society’s table.

About Me


Change Agent


I have used my skills and experience to support and lead individual, group and organisational change arising from systemic inequality. Coaching and mentoring more than 50 individuals and supporting more than 70 groups and organisations, I have designed and delivered projects and programmes (including in-service) and provided extensive consultancy support and advice.




As a 20-yr-old community and youth work student, I made my lifetime commitment to ensure the voices, needs and the potential of women are realised. I have been fortunate in having had numerous opportunities to design and develop work with, and for, women of all ages, races and cultures, at local, national and international levels, developing at the same time deep and enduring bonds of ‘sisterhood’.


Social Entrepreneur

 I now know entrepreneurship is in my DNA. I have always enjoyed slowly and sometimes chaotically filling in that blank sheet of paper with new ideas, seeking and gaining support for them, securing the finance (from consultancy and training, commissions, grants and loans) and making them happen. 



I usually draw on a combination of ‘gut’,‘women’s ways of knowing’, ‘conversations’ emerging from within local communities as well as scanning the wider political, social and economic environment to inform and help plot my future priorities, plans and actions.


Scholar Activist

  I feel honoured to be able to teach the next generation of youth and community workers as an academic at Goldsmiths, University of London on the BA Applied Social Sciences Community and Youth Work degree programme. 

I am also pursuing my own postgraduate research interests into community-based intergenerational leadership – in support of the work of Ubele and beyond, and maybe, if I have time, for a PhD 

(not promising anything at this stage!).

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