Shaped by my childhood experiences of social injustice followed by several decades at differing levels of established and self-established systems from frontline to senior management. I have used my skills and experience to support and lead individual, group and organisational change arising from systemic inequality. Coaching and mentoring more than 50 individuals and supporting more than 70 groups and organisations, I have designed and delivered projects and programmes (including in-service) and provided extensive consultancy support and advice.

My skills were further honed from the learning I gained whilst completing an MSc. in Change Agency Skills & Strategies. Following that I was introduced to creative, transformational change agency processes through collaboration and working directly with Reos Partners in the UK and South Africa. Reos frame their social change enquiries with a key question. I soon realised that I was curious about the sustainability of Black communities in the UK and wrote My Big Question in 2010. It asks us to consider the type of future we might need to create especially as the Windrush Generation did not return ‘home’ and have created a legacy of at least three generations in the UK. Thus began The Ubele Initiative out of which our focus on creating sustainable and entrepreneurial community assets, (people, leadership and spaces) has emerged.


My Big Question


 My Big Question came from decades of working as a change agent and my seemingly ‘heroic’ attempts to influence and change social systems in Britain.