PatHERways supported young African women’s community participation in London. 

It offered a unique opportunity of individual and group journeys towards becoming change agents in communities. 


This was the first opportunity for participants to undertake  learning and development in this area, as many of the traditional part  time training routes which support change agents and community  leadership, have disappeared under this current period of austerity. The  few programmes that remain or the new ones which have emerged, tend to  have relatively high entry points including requiring a number of years  of experience.

What the learning journey included?

Practical skills and peer-led skill sharing sessions were offered to help:

- develop interview techniques/skills

- use audio equipment, film and photography

- use social media, community mapping etc.

Ubele's  young emerging leaders (many of whom are interested in community  activism), were also encouraged to share their practical skills thereby  acting as positive role models increasing their levels of competence and  confidence.

PatHERways also supported development of participants' social action projects.


As a result of this programme, young women increased  their community knowledge, practical skills and experience and enhanced  their overall competence to take on community leadership roles and be  more aware of strategies for implementing change to tackle issues  affecting their local community.

PatHERways Evaluation Report

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